Upright Rammers

The BR55 and BR72 upright rammers deliver the quality and performance expected from Bobcat equipment. They contain 4-cycle Honda engines which are easy to start and deliver convenience that no two-stroke can match. Hard starting, burned pistons, noise and fumes are a thing of the past. These well-balanced units reduce operator effort and fatigue, while easily exceeding the most demanding compaction density requirements. Bobcat Rammers are well isolated to keep the energy channeled away from the operator and into the material being compacted. This reduces operator fatigue, fuel consumption and bounce; therefore increases jobsite productivity!

Bobcat Upright Rammer Features

  • 4-point isolation for component longevity
  • Vibration reducing grips to minimize operator fatigue
  • Self balancing design, for maximum force exertion to ground, and ease of operation
  • Accessible throttle control
  • No oil/gas mixing


Use our BR55 and BR72 for these applications:

  • Compacting cohesive and mixed soils
  • Compacting backfill in narrow applications
  • Compacting pipe, manhole and utility trenches
  • Compacting soil to hold structural walls