Mine Tractors

We are now Customizing Bobcat Mine Tractors!

Check out all the New & Improved features!

Bobcat of Juneau’s Mine Tractors are ready to work when they hit the ground.
They have all the necessary modifications & improvements already completed.

With a fully removable carrier and Basket you have the advantage of removing the outer components when necessary repairs arise OR if you are transferring over to a new Bobcat tractor.-

  • Hydrostatic or Shuttle Shift available
  • 4WD
  • Custom Front axle Brass Bushing installed
  • Exhaust Downpipe integrated into the lower carriage frame
  • Carrier can be customized to suit individual needs- Service unit, Manbasket, and scissor lift
  • 40-58 HP
  • Front Loader Attachment Available
  • Support from a great local Company with a parts warehouse of over 2500 sq.
  • Parts can be goldstreaked Same day- Less downtime
  • Bulk Pricing available
  • Worldwide shipping
Safety Guards
Fully integrated Safety Railing and guards. Extra Safety rails for Fender seats
Fender Seats
Optional fender mounted seats with additional safety guards to protect operator
Rear Basket
The rear basket can be customized to however your crew needs it- Seats for miners, service box for repairs, scissor jack, and more
Bolt on Basket & Fenders
  • Fully removable fenders and basket- If a guard or fender becomes damages, it can be easily removed and replaced.
  • Have to perform a major service or overhaul- no more time in torching off the body and then welding it back up upon repair.
  • Replacing the power unit- Just remove and transfer over to the new unit and save your investment
Exhaust downpipe integrated into the lower frame guard per MSHA
Heavy Duty Front Bumper
Heavy Duty replaceable front bumper, Corners also fold in for easy quick access to removing/repalcing tires.